Welcome Employer Partners

Welcome Employer Partners

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Once they’ve watched the 5-minute introduction video, they’ll move on to getting familiar with the budget calculator

1- Watch Our Intro Video

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Watch Video

Next, they use our budget calculator

This calculator will give them an idea of what the program would mean for them in terms of payment and home value.

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Then, they’re ready to apply

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You don’t have to look hard to find success stories—and we’d love nothing more than to share some of ours.

“Both as lenders and investors, we believe that an inclusive economy is critical for our future. We have a set of guiding principles that creates value for the community and actively work with peer organizations that invests in the future. The Rocky Mountain Homes Fund program embodies innovation, sensibility, cost-effectiveness, and a common-sense approach. We are proud to be part of their team.”

Scott Anderson, Fmr. President and chief executive officer - Zions Bank

“Intermountain Healthcare is proud to be a partner of Rocky Mountain Homes Fund. Their innovative approach to addressing long-term housing needs is well aligned with our efforts to address the social determinants of health in the communities we serve. Likewise, RMHF addresses a gap in the market by enabling families to purchase homes and build wealth through home equity, thereby providing essential workers with the stable foundation they need to achieve financial wellness and an improved quality of life.”

Nick Fritz, Intermountain Healthcare – Impact Investing Director

“We applied in late March and were moved in by the first of June. It’s nice to know we’re in a place we could be in until our kids are teenagers.”

Abigale R., Weber School District – Participant

“I strongly support the Rocky Mountain Homes Fund program. This unique, non-profit pathway to homeownership is ideal for many of our teachers—who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a down payment, let alone a monthly mortgage. We’ve seen evidence that the teachers who are able to get into stable, affordable housing are far more likely to stay in the teaching profession and remain in our community.

RMHF is an exceptional solution. I would encourage everyone to learn more about how they work and, more importantly, how partnering with them can benefit your organization and employees.”

Jeff Stephens, Weber School District – Former Superintendent

“Rocky Mountain Homes Fund worked so fast for me and my husband. They had our best interests at heart and answered all our questions. Because we were able to get into a home sooner than if we had done it completely on our own, so many new doors have been opened to us. RMHF gave us an amazing opportunity that would never have been possible otherwise. We’re so grateful for them and their amazing team.”

Kayla and Kaden N., Weber School District – Participant

“The whole process was seamless. We worked with a great team that took care of us from start to finish.”

Kevin R., Weber School District – Participant

“Having just graduated from college, we didn’t have anywhere to live. I knew there was no way we could afford a down payment or be competitive in the housing market. Luckily, I had heard about RMHF during my student teaching in the Weber School District. So, after I secured a job, I immediately contacted them. We were quickly approved and shown a house that had everything we needed. We knew right away this could be our first home and were fortunate to be able to get it.

After we moved in, we kept in close contact with our RMHF representatives. They’ve been so helpful and attentive. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of this without them. Our future is secure thanks to RMHF.”

Zion and Emma A., Weber School District – Participant

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