Repairs To The Home

Repairs to the home (not Home Improvement Projects) do not require pre-approval. Repairs are your responsibility. If it is a major repair that requires usage of your Custodial Savings Account funds, please contact your RMHF representative.

Home Improvement Projects

Click here if you need pre-approval for an improvement project on the home. Please check the pre-approved project list first. If your project is not on the list, it will require pre-approval, even if you don’t expect to be reimbursed. 


Click here if you need to be reimbursed. In order to be eligible for reimbursement, the project must have been pre-approved by RMHF.

RMHF Pre-Approved Home Improvement Projects

If your project can be found in the following list, it does not require RMHF approval. If your project is not on this list, you must request RMHF approval before you begin any work on the project.

Change faceplates
Replace Switches
Replace Outlets
Replace Light Bulbs
Change existing light fixture
*Installing new lighting fixtures requires RMHF approval
Replacing small bathroom or kitchen fixtures (faucet, towel bars, shower heads, etc.)
*Larger installations require approval – e.g. installing a new toilet or vanity would require RMHF approval
Re-painting a previously painted surface
*Painting a surface that has not previously been painted requires approval – e.g. – painting bricks/brickwork would require RMHF approval
ALL flooring changes require RMHF approval (adding/removing carpet, re-finishing floors, installing any type of flooring, etc)
Walls / Window Frames
Small nails/other mounts (to hang pictures, etc)
Planting Flower Beds
Small Garden Boxes
Mulch, wood chips, other easily removed/replaced decorative items